Can Infrared Thermography Save Me $1000s? (And lots of work)

Can Infrared Thermography Save me $1000s? (And lots of work) Seen lots of discussion about infrared thermography and wondered if it could help you? Thermal roof scans, facade inspections, solar inspections – The list goes on. The question: Can I really benefit from a thermal inspection, or are they just trying to sell me something? Good Question. Let’s talk about … Read More

Aerial Thermal Inspections – Help for Realtors and Property Purchasers

“”Aerial thermal inspections are a new option that realtors can leverage when helping buyers find the right home or building. Have you ever had to replace the roof of your home? Then you know just how expensive this can be. What if there were a way to inspect a building or home’s roof before you bought it, determine how long … Read More

Thermal Drones Helping Community Search & Rescue Operations

A Canadian community search and rescue organization is using infrared drones to help save lives. According to their website Kamloops Search and Rescue originated in the early 1970’s as a volunteer group trained to Provincial Emergency Program (PEP) standards. Sponsored by the City of Kamloops as part of its emergency preparedness program, the group regularly provided assistance to the RCMP … Read More

UAV Inspection and Drone Terms – The Ultimate List

It’s hard to keep up with all these new industry terms isn’t it?We understand. It was hard for us initially also.That’s why we decided to compile an explanation of every aerial thermography term that exists. It’s an emerging industry and hopefully this list will help you understand those puzzling words. And this list is only a start. There’s more to … Read More